The Circus Studio was founded in November 2016 by the Dutch circus company Tall Tales Company. The entire project is driven by the local circus community. We try to keep prices as low as possible and in return we ask regular users to contribute by helping with maintenance, performances and other jobs. We try our best to make a meaningful contribution to the local area by offering circus classes for youth and adults (in partnership with Circus Rotjeknor).

The Circus Studio is located in De Kroon building. It's a multi-company building which includes offices, several sheds, workshops, a campsite, music studios and a large outdoor area.

In the Circus Studio itself there is also a lot more happening than only circus. Have a look in our weekly schedule.

Circus Studio Team
Initiator: Harm van der Laan
Initiator: Maartje Bonarius
Business director: Heleen Hamete
Coordinator: Lindy Schutte and Franka Tremblay
Administration: Sanne Hamstra
Rigging: Eva Schubach