The Circus Studio provides a professional training space for everyone who loves circus. Located in the heart of Rotterdam, the studio consists of a 280 m² space that is equipped with aerial rigging points, a longe, and crash mats.

Opening hours

Training is possible from Monday to Friday from 09.00 till 16.00. We try to keep the studio open throughout the year.


1 day € 8,-
1 week € 30,-
10 day pass € 65,-
1 month € 65,-
1 year € 450,-

A 10 day pass is valid for 1 year from the day you buy it, during which you can train in the studio ten times.
Subscribing for a year comes with special benefits, such as your own personal storage space for circus equipment in the studio.

You can pay by bank transfer or cash in the studio.

How to get there

The Studio is located on a 5 minute walk from Rotterdam Central Station. There is no free parking available, so if you want to come by car, the cheapest option is to park it elsewhere in Rotterdam and take the subway from there.

Odeon, Gouvernestraat 56 in Rotterdam


The Circus Studio was founded in November 2016 by the Dutch circus company Tall Tales Acrobatics. The entire project is driven by the local circus community. We try to keep prices as low as possible and in turn we ask regular users to contribute by helping with maintenance, performances and other jobs. We try our best to make a meaningful contribution to the local area by offering circus classes for local youth (in partnership with Circus Rotjeknor), organizing open stages and by hosting free or low cost performances and try-outs of new circus shows.

The Circus Studio is located in the Odeon building which offers dance, theatre, crossfit, MMA and many other classes to the people of ‘the Old West’ (the area in Rotterdam where the studio is located).


The Circus Studio offers the opportunity to show new work to fellow circus artists and the local community. Also, every two months an open stage is organised in the Studio space. If you would like to perform please send an e-mail to:

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